Our Mission

Dr. Leonard Ginsburg Dr. Nancy Crawford Dr. Bruce Sumlin Dr. An Vo Dr. Cynthia Alley Dr. Hilary Brader Dr. Kenneth Heist Dr. Deepika Malik Dr. Richard Brilliant Dr. Georgia Crozier

Moore Eye Institute is dedicated to bringing together the finest, most caring physicians who work with patients to maximize their vision, prevent disease, answer questions, and treat the “whole person.”

We use a holistic approach to offer the finest comprehensive care and the most advanced surgical and diagnostic methods. Our unique team of doctors features sub-specialists in every aspect of the eye including:

Standards of Excellence

  • Disease
  • Surgical Treatment
  • Diabetes Care
  • Pediatric Eye Care
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Low Vision Rehabilitation

Emphasizing education, early detection, and prevention, our team is dedicated to providing care that educates and inspires all those involved to take proactive steps toward overcoming any eye condition.

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