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We are focused on bringing together the finest, most caring physicians to maximize vision, prevent disease, answer questions, and treat the “whole person” — and it’s working! Hear and read what our patients have to say about us in their testimonials below.

Patient Explains Her Surprise With Dr. Ginsburg

Watch this video to hear how one patient came to see Dr. Ginsburg for a diabetic eye exam and instead found a partner and friend in caring for her diabetes.

Patient Shares His Experience With Dr. Ginsburg

Watch this video to hear how Dr. Ginsburg helped a patient with a serious eye condition overcome challenges after being turned away by other doctors.

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“As a patient, you are scared about what’s going on. One of the reasons I chose Dr. Ginsburg was because of his education. Not only his education, but also the fact that he loves to educate his patients. He is associated with the Joslin [Diabetes] Center and has educated me far more than my medical education has… I felt very comfortable and confident, and I was educated at the same time…. The whole staff has an affinity for helping patients – not only with the eye but also with other parts of their medicine.”

– Dr. Delphy DeFalcis, D.O.

“I feel very fortunate that I have been referred to this organization. The whole group gives you a feeling of confidence that you can go on and be self-sufficient. I am kind of amazed at what just took place and what can be done for seeing by Dr. Brilliant, Dr. Crozier and Dr. Ginsburg. This team effort has made me feel much more self-assured. It makes you feel like you are really starting to live a little better, and that gives you confidence. My experience at Moore Eye has been terrific.”

– George Handren

“Dr. Crawford is a glaucoma specialist whom I respect very, very much. When I first came to see Dr. Crawford her patience and care for patients was very, very noticeable. She was extremely careful of what she said to me, not to get me nervous, worked up, or excited. I think Dr. Crawford represents the Moore Eye Institute and very, very high quality of service.”

– Mike Kopay

“[Dr.Ginsburg and Moore Eye] has given me all of the most modern treatments, and… some of the most modern diagnostic treatment, which helps diagnose my problem and treat it more effectively. I tend to be critical of other physicians and what they do… I think that when you send someone to Dr. Ginsburg, you can have confidence that he is going to do an outstanding job and really make the patient better.”

– Myron Resnick, M.D.

“When you leave the doctor’s office, sometimes, you are just not exactly sure what the doctor has told you. Dr. Crawford, after she examines me, she sits down with a piece of paper, writes down everything that has happened that day and then goes over it with me, the whole scenario, so we both understand what is going on. Then, she sends it off to my primary care doctor so he also knows what’s going on.”

– Lois Laughton

“I had a cataract operation, and it didn’t go well at all. A lot of mistakes were made and I wasn’t even told. It was very traumatic. I was desperate to get my vision back, so, I came here. It was hard to get an appointment because they are unbelievable. Dr. Ginsburg has the whole place jumping, all of his personnel, I love. Each of those girls have been caring, hug you, and I just feel it is a warm place to come and that means a lot to me and I know it must mean a lot to the patients. [When you come here] you are frightened, you’re worried, you’re hoping, and praying you are going to get better. My eye is not perfect because of all the trauma, but Dr. Ginsburg gave me my vision back… You don’t know what that meant to me.”

– Marie Innaurato

“I have had a multitude of problems with my eyes. Dr. Ginsburg has handled them and knocked them down one at a time. He never let me get so distraught that I was worried. I was worried that I would lose my vision, but he always assured me, ‘I will save your vision,’ and he always comes through. I was devoted an inordinate amount of time by Dr. Ginsburg and his staff to discover what the problem was and put me at ease. Dr. Ginsburg made sure that he educated me as to what was happening, why it was happening, and what he thought the progression would be. Dr. Ginsburg is unique. He is not only intelligent and warm, but he personalizes everything… Dr. Ginsburg has a number of specialists that he works with, and if he can’t do it, he will send you to someone who can. I’m at home here at Moore. They know me very well. The staff knows me. The doctors know me, and I always feel welcome.”

– Kathleen Carmen

“When someone is being told that they have a disease, its pretty shattering. When you go to Dr. Brilliant he tells you how it works. He tells you what to expect. He makes you feel like it’s not the end of the world. There are things out there that help you get around. Dr. Brilliant treats me like a friend instead of a patient.”

– Ann Votta

“What makes the people at Moore Eye unique is that they welcome us in – those of us who have limited sight, and they welcome us in as people. What they do is help us to live life as a completely sighted person but in a much more empowered way. Moore Eye has just been invaluable to me.”

– Ed Allen

“Dr. Ginsburg is… what I think when I think of a great doctor and Moore Eye Institute has wonderful technology. Dr. Ginsburg makes me realize that my faith is important, family connections are important, education is important. It is not just that he is a practitioner. He is a true healer.”

– Father Marinucci

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